The Department is home to academic and research programs in Applied Physics and in Materials Science — each having its own philosophical approach and administering its own educational activities. The programs share a dedication to answering the most important questions and delivering lasting impact in broad areas of technological importance. Research topics in the department span from bulk metallic glass and nanomechanics, to photonics and optoelectronics, to plasma physics and energy technologies, to biophysics and biomechanics.

The Department is home to over twenty-five faculty members whose activities span the areas described above; we graduate about 5-10 doctoral students annually in each of the two options. Our graduates go on to positions of leadership in academia, industry and government. Many are involved in start-up companies spun out of the research they pursued as graduate students. The majority of our undergraduates go on to graduate studies in top academic institutions, whereas others decide to pursue career opportunities immediately upon graduation. We invite you to explore these pages and learn more about who we are and what we do! Read more »

Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science includes:

APhMS in the 21st Century
Department of Applied Physics and Materials Science